Saturday, 18 April 2015

It's Go Time......

First race of the spring series is set to go Tuesday.
18km out and back Time Trial at Haynes.
First rider goes at 18:30. Then at 1 minute intervals.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Valhalla Pure Club night

Hi everyone.

With spring on the way and hiking, camping, climbing and paddling season just around the corner, it’s time for another Club Night at Valhalla Pure Outfitters in Red Deer! Club Night is an after hours event open to members of Central Alberta outdoor clubs.

Club Night is on Tuesday, May 5th from 7 pm until 9 pm. 
We will be offering a 15% discount on all regular priced merchandise (excluding boats and GPS) plus a few 'club night only' specials. Boats and GPS will qualify for your regular 10% club discount.

Please note that this is a ‘club member only’ night and you may be asked to show your membership card from your club.

We would appreciate it if you would circulate this e-mail to your membership. It would also be great if you would confirm that you have received this e-mail.

Thanks everyone,

Janet and Mark


Saturday, 11 April 2015

***Attention Ladies***

We have a new CABC ride just for you!  Please read on for details:

Sunday Afternoon Women's Road Ride (Starting April 19, 2015)
Description:  This is a women's only road bike ride.  All ability levels are welcome.
Location:  Riders will meet at the east entrance of the Collicutt Centre.
Time:  1:00 pm start time.  Riders should arrive a bit early to ensure they are ready to roll at 1:00.
Ride Leader/Contact:  Annie Quinnett - ph:  403-358-9967  email:

Jeff Wright
CABC President

Saturday, 28 March 2015

2015 Trips/Events/Group Rides - Calendar Planning

Hello current and prospective CABC members. Your Executive has done lots of work in the past four months to secure sponsorship support, grow membership (42 and climbing!), advertise for the club, develop and order new club clothing, and to build a formal relationship with the City to allow for legal, sustainable mountain bike trail development and maintenance. Now it is time to get working on the fun stuff… riding bikes, working on MTB trails, racing and going on fun trips!
So we are turning our attention to building a 2015 CABC Trips/Events/Group Rides Calendar and we need your help to plan the season and make it happen! I would like to get people to respond with ideas about what type of Trips/Events/Group Rides they are interested in doing this year.
Trips: Let's hear some ideas. For example if you want to do a weekend trip as a club to ride the Highwood Pass let us know. Or if you think it would be cool to head down to Canmore or Fernie for a day or two of mountain biking tell us. Specifically, tell us about the type of trip, when it would happen and if you would be interested in organizing or leading it.
Events: We need volunteers! We would like to do a start of season ride and barbecue in early May. Let me know if you are interested in helping with this. On June 21st we have a great opportunity to raise the profile of our club in our community by getting out in our new CABC clothing to support the Woody's Kids of Steel Triathlon as on-course support for the bike component of the race. Again, the Executive cannot do this alone, we need volunteers. This is a great opportunity to attract youth to our club while having fun supporting the anticipated 600 young athletes, all of whom obviously have and ride bike! We are also seriously considering hosting our own ABA affiliated Trailblazer's youth mountain bike race/event ( Are people interested in supporting these events? Do you have other suggestions?
Group Rides: We already have a few great group rides but would like to see this expand. Options are good! Road rides, mountain bike rides, fat bike rides, or cyclocross rides. Rides on different days of the week and/or rides at different times of the day. If you are motivated to step up and lead a consistent group ride please let us know. You do not have to be the most experienced, fittest or have the most expensive bike to qualify as a group leader. What you do need is to: 1) Make an individual or shared commitment to lead a group of fellow CABC riders at a consistent time 2) Have good communication skills. 3) Have a desire to promote a friendly, fun riding environment for people who attend the ride. If you meet these requirements the Executive would be happy to support you in making this happen. Again, let us know.
So here is the deal. You can respond on Facebook within the post titled 2015 Trips/Events/Group Rides or by directly messaging me. You can also email me at As I have said, we need your help. Let's put a great Events/Trips/Group Rides Calendar together and come together to make 2015 a great season of riding!
Jeff Wright
CABC President

Saturday, 14 March 2015

2015 Tuesday Night Race Schedule

The race schedule for the 2015 Tuesday night race series is now posted here. But can also be found under the racing and links page.
We kick off April 21st with the Haynes Time Trial.
Thank you to Ted for organizing the Tuesday races.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

weekend ride.

Breakfast Club Rides this weekend will be road bike, cross bike or mountain bike. That is if the weather holds. We will stay to the pavement if we have riders on road bikes. No drop ride. That means the group will always loop back if a rider drops off the back of the group.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

New and Improved Custom Web Address

Please note that our CABC blog has a new web domain.  The new web address is:

The old address has been setup to redirect to the new domain.  When spreading the word about our club let people know that they can learn more about us as

Jeff Wright
CABC President

Friday, 6 March 2015

old kit

For anyone who has purchased our new club clothing we have some stock of our old style kits  for sale. Each item is $10. Here is a list of clothing available.
 Yellow/black Motorola 

 Vest  size  7 - 2   size 6 - 2

 jersey  size 6 - 1   size 5 - 1

 skin suit  size m - 3

Orange Kit

jacket  size xL - 1  size m - 1

booties  size  L - 1

vest  size xs   - 1

bib short  size  xs  - 1

jersey  size  - sm  - 4    size  - m  7

If interested contact  Ken Kahanyshyn  at 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Clothing Orders Reminder

Reminder to CABC members. Kit orders and full payments are due Feb.18 th. Orders recieved without payment will not be processed. Please keep in mind that you must be a current CABC member to qualify for the membership discount. Thank you.

Ken Kahanyshyn

Saturday, 7 February 2015

CABC Clothing!

CABC Members,

Above you will find images that show the most recent sketches from Louis Garneau of our cycling clothing for 2015/2016.  The jersey illustrations are not exactly as they will appear in final production as we have asked Louis Garneau to make the following changes:
  • Enlarge the Full Throttle Upholstery logo on the Jersey and move it from the shoulders to both side panels. 
  • Change the Arm warmers to all black with white CABC lettering and logo image.
  • Make the CABC lettering and logo images all white on jersey.

Otherwise the same general design will apply to all pieces.  i.e. jackets, vests, long sleeve mountain jersey, etc.

One other important option that the sketches do not show is that there will also be a Women's specific jersey available for order.  The key difference between it and the standard jersey will be:
  • A Women's specific cut/fit 
  • Dark blue sections and trims will be replaced with a lighter blue
Clothing Options:

Items Available Retail Price Club Price
Slick Jersey                      $179.00 $95.00
Tour Jersey                      $95.00 $60.00
Long Sleeve
Mtn. Jersey                      $120.00 $60.00
Bib Short                          $200.00 $120.00
Thermal Jacket                 $230.00 $140.00
Skin Suit                           $300.00 $145.00
Vest                                  $170.00 $75.00
Arm Warmers                   $40.00 $27.00
Gloves                        -----                                $30.00
Booties                        -----                               $30.00

Remember, only CABC members have the option of purchasing CABC clothing.  As a benefit of membership in 2015 the club will be subsidizing the cost of the first Jersey that you purchase by $20.00.  It is your choice whether you apply the $20.00 discount to a Slick, Tour or Long sleeve Mtn jersey. 

Sizing Information:

Ordering Information:
  • Full payment is required before February 18th, 2015.  This ensures that the specific items are available in the sizes that you want.  
  • Cash or cheque are payable to: Central Alberta Bicycle Club.
  • Minimum quantities must be met in order to place orders on certain items.  For example for some of the more specialty items such as the Skin Suit a minimum of 4 are needed to be ordered or we will not be able to bring them in at this pricing now or in the future.  
  • The Fit kit is still at Savy Cycle but goes back Feb. 10 2015.
  • Deadline to order is Feb. 18 2015.
Orders can be placed by emailing Ken at or through Savy Cycle.

Ken Kahanyshyn
Clothing Director

Thursday, 5 February 2015

CABC Membership Explained

The 2015 Cycling season is upon us and it is time to either renew your CABC Membership or join for the first time.  I’ll bet many of you are thinking, “Are these people serious?  It is still snowing out!  Can’t I just wait until the spring when the weather improves?  That is what I have always done in the past.”.  Well, our answer to you is yes you can wait, but let us tell you why you might not want to:

1.       Club Clothing – If you have been following the recent Blog posts then you know that we will have brand new Club Clothing for 2015.  One of the benefits of membership with the CABC is having the option to purchase Club Clothing.  If you do not have a membership you cannot purchase it.  The deadline to place an order so that you have it in time for the “Traditional Alberta Riding Season” (Hopefully April depending on production times, no promises on the weather) will be February 18, 2015.  It is anticipated that a re-order may be placed sometime in the summer.  However, if you want to be sporting our stylish new CABC apparel this spring you need to get a CABC Membership first so that we can take place your order.  You can expect a post with sketches of the clothing and details about ordering within the next couple of days.
2.       Group Rides – The CABC is an Alberta Bicycle Association affiliated club.  It is a requirement of the ABA that each affiliated club notify the ABA in advance, of official club events such as Group rides or Club races.  Further to this it is required by the ABA that anybody who participates in a club event: 
a)      Is a member of the club hosting the event.
b)      Has ABA sports insurance coverage. 
The ABA’s calendar year runs from January 1st to December 31st.  Therefore, the season has already begun and if you wish to ride with the CABC on one of the current Group rides you need to renew your CABC Membership and ABA insurance in advance.  That being said, if you are new to the club and want to come and check out our rides for the first time, you do not need to be a member or have insurance coverage.  You are welcome to go for a couple of trial group rides with us to help you to decide if you would like to become a member.  If after a couple of rides you are interested in continuing it is time to get that membership.  On a related topic, for those who are already Primary members of another ABA affiliated club the ABA states, "If you are joining another club's activities (rides, clinics or mid-week racing) you still must register as a member of the hosting club, however you will only have to pay ABA fees once.".  Those who are Primary members of another club and then join the CABC are consider Secondary members.  In order to keep everything fair between Primary and Secondary CABC members the same CABC membership fee will apply.

Hopefully you are now thinking about getting your CABC membership sooner rather than later.  So, let us make this process as simple as possible.  Here is what you need to do to become a member:

1.       Purchase a CABC Membership ($50.00).  To do this you will:
a.       Click on the “Links and Membership” tab above.
b.      Click on the “Club Membership Using Zone 4” link.
c.       Click on the “Continue” button
d.      Click on the “Add First Person” button
e.      Make your selections from the membership types that apply to you and complete your payment
f.        Note:  For a General Member it will be $50.00 and for Under 17 it is free.  For all ages you have the option of adding the Tuesday Night Road Race. 
g.       Now you are a CABC member!  But wait!!  You are not finished!
2.       Purchase your General ABA Membership ($40.00) or a Racing licence ($30 - $135 depending on age and type of licence) from the Alberta Bicycle Association.  Both will provide you with the insurance that is mandatory for participating in ABA Club Affiliated events.   Now ask yourself, "Do I plan on Racing in Provincial ABA cup races or in UCI sanctioned events?".  If yes, get one of the race licenses.  For a more detailed explanation of the different race license options check this link out: If the answer is "No, I only intend to ride with the club on group rides and/or participate in local club racing events (Tuesday Night Road Races)", purchase the General ABA Membership (non-racing).  Either way here are the steps you will need to follow:

a.       Click on the following link or select it from the “Club Membership Using Zone 4” page:
b.      Login to access your profile.
c.       Select your name.
d.      Complete the ABA Membership form and complete your payment.

Congratulations you are now officially a CABC member with ABA insurance!  Now let’s get riding!


The CABC Executive

Monday, 2 February 2015

Sponsors Announcment

Great news CABC members!  We have finalized our Primary Sponsorship commitments for the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

In late November 2014 the Executive drafted a Sponsorship Package letter and began distributing it to local businesses.  We offered Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels for Primary Sponsor commitments.  The  financial commitments that we were seeking were "per year" for a minimum of two years as outlined below:

  • Platinum/Title Sponsor ($2000/Yr)
  • Gold Sponsors ($1000/Yr)
  • Silver Sponsors ($500/Yr)
I am proud to announce that the CABC is currently sponsored by the following local businesses:

Platinum/Title Sponsor:  Investors Group -Trevor Krall
Gold Sponsor:  Full Throttle Upholstery - Rob Smith
Silver Sponsor:  Pursuit Physiotherapy - Leanne Schlatchter and Nicki Julien
Silver Sponsor:  IRIS - Julie Boivin
Silver Sponsor:  Savy Cycle - Rod Rysavy

Logos for each of the Primary Sponsors will be appearing on this website soon.  Their logos will also be appearing on the new club clothing, which I expect will be posted for you to have a preview of in the next week.  Our Executive will be doing our best to make our sponsors visible at our events and through our own advertising.  Personally, I cannot thank these businesses enough for the support that they are providing, as our ability to grow and implement our plans for the next two seasons would be limited without it.  If you have the opportunity, I implore you to support these businesses and let others know about their generosity. 

Make sure to keep tabs on this page and our Facebook Group.  Let's keep the momentum going!


Jeff Wright
CABC President

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Club kit. Fit kit

We are very close to finalizing our new club kit design and orders will be going in,  in two weeks.  Part of the process involves club members trying on sample kits to get the right sizing that works for each member.
We currently have a "fit kit" from Louis Garneau at "Savy Cycle".  Please give Rod a call to arrange a time that works to try it on. Rod is closed Sundays.  403 350 4972

Friday, 23 January 2015

A Message From Your New Club President…

On October 18, 2014 the CABC held its Annual General Meeting at Riverbend Golf Course.  It was an enjoyable evening of socializing and recounting cycling stories, both true and embellished, with friends from the 2014 season.  As per previous AGMs there were also some business items to attend to, including the nomination of, and election of the club’s Executive for the upcoming season.  For those who were unable to attend I would like to introduce to you our Executive for the 2015 season:

President – Jeff Wright
Mountain Director – Rod Rysavy
Road Director – Grayham Symko
Cyclocross Director – Vacant – Jeff Wright acting Cyclocross Director at this time. 
Secretary – Evan Harbinson
Treasurer – Michael Meeres
Membership Director – Allan Sutherland
Clothing Director – Ken Kahanyshyn

Larry Corsiatto and Ted Dahms volunteered to take on supporting roles for the Mountain and Road Directors as Downhill Mountain Bike and Tuesday Road Race Organizers, respectively.  

Alongside the election of a new Executive there was a lot of discussion about the future of the CABC.  The general consensus was that members want to expand upon what the club currently has to offer, grow the membership and develop cycling opportunities within the City of Red Deer.  The Executive has identified the following objectives as priorities for 2015: 

  1. Overhaul our club image
  2. Increase benefits for club members
  3. Build a stronger community of mountain bike riders within the club
  4. Develop our relationship with the City of Red Deer and expand the sanctioned Mountain bike Trail System within the city
  5. Attract new members; especially junior and female riders

At this time I can tell you that we are off to a great start.  The Executive has been hard at work since the AGM in October, having held four meetings already and having invested many hours to begin laying the groundwork to position the Club to meet its objectives for 2015.  And so, I would like to share with you some of our progress to date:

  1. Club Sponsorship - The Executive has successfully developed a sponsorship package, presented it to local businesses and developed partnerships for the next two seasons.   I will announce the final details within the next week once all of the commitments have been finalized, but at this time I can tell you that the club has already secured both financial support and membership benefits far beyond what we have enjoyed in previous years.  Stay tuned for details.
  2. Club Name and Image – Through much deliberation it was decided to keep the name of Central Alberta Bicycle Club.  Serious consideration was given to making a name change but in the end it was decided that CABC would stand.  Our image on the other hand is something that we intend to work to improve in order to attract more mountain bike riders, youth, recreational cyclists, and female cyclists.
  3. Facebook and Website – Yes, we now have a Central Alberta Bicycle Club group Facebook page!  It is already proving to be a great way for people to connect with each other and share their passion for riding bikes.  Contact us if you are interested in being invited to the group.  Our website has also seen some improvements and will continue to be developed over the next year. 
  4. Membership and Registration – Thanks to Al Sutherland, our Membership Director, registering with the CABC has never been easier.  Just follow the link posted on either the CABC website or Facebook page and complete the online registration process.  For 2015, Adult General Memberships will cost $50.00, while Under 17 Memberships will be free.  For those who are interested, don’t forget to add on the Tuesday Night Race option or make a donation to support the club’s work to maintain and develop Red Deer’s Mountain Bike Trails.
  5. Logo – We have been working with a graphic designer and are in the final stages of selecting a new club logo.  You can expect it to appear on our website soon. 
  6. Clothing – We are also in the final stages of designing fully custom club cycling clothing.  Under the direction of Ken, our Clothing Director, and with the support of Rod from Savy Cycle we will have new clothing from Louis Garneau to share with you in the near future. You can expect a range of attractive, well-designed, high quality pieces of cycling clothing exclusively available to our CABC members at a great price.  Road, Mountain and women’s specific clothing options will be available to suit your preferences. We are on schedule for it to be ready for this spring, but will be sharing details well in advance.

If you are a past member of the CABC I hope this news is as exciting to you as it is to us.  If you are checking our club out for the first time and are wondering whether we might be right for you, please contact us or come and ride with us on one of our group rides. 


Jeff Wright
CABC President