Friday, 20 April 2007

Long Distance Cycling

Here is a message from the Alberta Randonneurs:

I just wanted to let you all know about the Super Randonneur series in Central Alberta (Red Deer area). If you could pass some of this information on to the club, that would be great!! I have included our poster and brochure and a description of the rides below.Here's the schedule:April 21 - 200KMay 5 - 200KMay 12 - 300KJune 2 - 400KJune 9 - 600KThe 200K brevets are called "Red Deer Rocky" and are a lovely jaunt from Red Deer to Rocky Mountain House and back via some back country roads. This ride is relatively flat - a great one for beginners.The 300K is called "Red Deer Rocky Pines" and takes riders on a scenic tour of the Pine Lake region, and then out to Rocky Mountain House via a different route from the 200K. Don't let the Alberta terrain deceive you! The hills might not be long or steep, but they are plentiful!The 400K is called "Red Deer Lakes" and takes riders past several lakes in the area including Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake, Pigeon Lake and Buck Lake. The route is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains so be prepared for undulating terrain.The 600K is called "Red Deer River" named after the fact that the route crosses the Red Deer River 10 times! Do not under estimate this route! Yes, there are flat stretches, but those will include wind. And it isn't all flat, there are several challenging climbs along the way, combined with the usual rolling hills. To make the 600K a bit more "friendly" to riders from areas outside of central Alberta, it has been designed as two loops both starting and finishing in Red Deer. The first loop is approx. 400 kms east of Red Deer, and the second loop is approx. 200 kms southwest of Red Deer. This will allow riders to catch a nap in Red Deer, and/or restock their supplies, if they wish at the 400 km point.I will be riding most of these events, and would welcome the company! If you've got any questions about these rides, ask away! There are a number of other rides going on in other parts of Alberta as well which you can check out on our site: If you're interested, the route information for the Red Deer Brevets is up on the Alberta Randonneur website as well.

(with the Alberta Randonneurs)

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