Wednesday, 2 May 2007

CABC Racing Information

CABC Racing Information

1) CABC races will follow the Canadian Cycling Association rules.

2) CABC races will follow the Alberta Bicycle Association Points Schedule.
A.B.A. Schedule AA@ Points
Place Points
1 25
2 20
3 15
4 12
5 10
6 8
7 6
8 4
9 2
10 1

3) Racers will be divided into two categories, AA@ and AB@, according to their ability. AA@ category racers will be doing longer races than the AB@ category.

4) Racing will include a Spring and Summer Series. Awards will be given to the top three placings in each series and for each category. Awards will also be given to the top three placings in the overall combined (Spring and Summer added together).

5) Points will be given for your top 9 out of 10 finishes in each series.

6) Races start promptly at the designated time. Please be on time and ready to race! These are races so please leave enough time to travel to the race, warm-up properly and to check equipment before the race starts.

7) All bikes must be in proper race condition and conform to CCA rules.

8) All racers must be a member of the CABC or another A.B.A. licensed team and have paid their race fees ($20.00 total for all races or $2.00 per race).

9) Please confirm your race results before you leave for the night.

10) If you have further questions, please contact your race director:
Ted Dahms

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