Sunday, 6 May 2007

CABC Training Camp

CABC Training Camp

May 25- May 28 (Friday-Monday) will be CABC "Training Camp" at Panorama Mountain (Invermere). (Depart Friday morning 8:00 am, return Monday night after riding. 4 days and 400+ km road riding total.)
Details and agenda attached.

Coming? Let me (Suzanne) know by Email or phone by Sunday May 13 so I can book the condos!
· Phone: 342-0758
· Email:

A $100 per person deposit is required by next Sunday May 13 (payable to the CABC)
· Drop off at 5770 Westpark Crescent (Suzanne & Wayne’s)
· Give to Wayne at Breakfast Club on Saturday or Sunday (May 12 or 13)

Cost for all 3 nights will be approximately $125-$150 each (lodging) plus food & transportation (carpooling). You have the option of staying out Thursday night and Tuesday night if you like for the same price. (We get 5 nights for price of 3.) See the “AGENDA” attached for details.

All rides will be road. There are some sweet rides out there!

For Sure?: Al, Art, Dan, Jeff (& Karen?), Ken, Martin, Mike J., Sandy & Deb, Stacey & family (own accommodation?), Suzanne & Wayne.
Maybe?: Brad & Jen (& Keegan)?, Bob? John & Lisa? Sonja & Ian?

Suzanne Blackwell

Suzanne & Wayne
Phone: 342-0758

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