Thursday, 10 May 2007

A message from Brenda

Hi Mike,
Just thought i would send you these photos of my crumpled bike. You can put them on the blog if you want to. Bev and I were riding Saturday afternoon. We were at the 3 - way intersection on Taylor Drive. I pressed the button to stop the traffic. This little black truck going south decided to race the red light, came flying through the intersection and turned left on the red. He t - boned an s.u.v. also racing the red light, then they slid into me. Bev was lucky and was able to get out of the way. The front end of my bike pinned me to the pole , while the back half wrapped around the pole and snapped. My chain snapped off and wrapped around my leg, leaving a nasty gash to the bone and nicked the Achilles tendon. I guess we were lucky that's all that happened. Even when one tries to be safe and obeys the laws of the road, there is always an idiot who thinks they are above the law !!! i will be back when i heal up !! Brenda


  1. Glad to hear you will be OK, Brenda.
    You guys were very lucky.
    Annie and I passed the accident coming back from the ride, but obviously had no idea you or even bikes were involved.
    You are being very generous calling those drivers idiots, I can think of a few stronger words.
    Get well soon

  2. Very lucky Brenda. Glad you will be okay. Deanna was almost run over at that intersection last year on her bike when a monster truck decided he could ignore the red crosswalk signals. make sure you let that achilles tendon gets really well healed.

    Bob M.