Friday, 17 August 2007

Provincial Road Race - Grand Central Road Race

Grand Central Road Race

2007 Alberta Bicycling Association Provincial Road Race
Aug 26, 2007, Lacombe, AB

Entry Fee: $35
Pre-Registration: Karelo, some same day registration is available, but please use Karelo (it’s just so much easier!) -
Registration: 8:30 AM to 9 AM at Rainy Creek Community Hall near start/ finish
Grand Central Road Race map: Will be provided on race day. It’s an out and back course with lots of hills- even harder than last year.
Race start time: 9:30 AM Roll out start from the Community Hall
Race Distances (approx.)

Category 1/2: 2 X 73.2 km = 146km
Category 3: 1 X 73.2 km + 41.2 km = 114km
Category 4: 1 X 73.2 km + 41.2km = 114Km
Category 5: 1 X 73.2 km = 73.2 km
Women A/B: 1X 73.2 km = 73.2 km

- Wear your race numbers to the right: 1 on the right hip, and one sideways on the right shoulder. (Like every other road race this year)
- Cash prizes for every category based on entry
- Know the race course beforehand and follow race marshal’s directions
- Please notify chief commissaire of any DNF
- Single event licenses will not be available
- Parking at the finish line severely restricted to race vehicles only.
- Feed zone will be marked halfway between hwy 766 and 761 east bound after the far west turn around.

Race Organizers and Commissaires reserve the right to alter the course finish/ feed zones as needed to ensure rider’s safety.

Cash and Provincial Medals will be awarded after the race at the Rainy Creek Community Hall.


Follow Hwy 2 to the Blackfalds/ Aspelund Road Exit (Between Lacombe and Red Deer). Turn west. At the intersection of Hwy 20, turn North approximately 2 miles, then turn west on the Rainy Creek Road. The Community Hall is on the left approximately 1 mile.


Please park on the range roads immediately preceding the hall, on one side of the road only. There is a limited area at the hall for staging riders and such. Do not park on Rainy Creek Road.


The race will offer water, pop and snacks for riders, volunteers, spouses, and commissaires before and after the race. However, riders are asked to bring enough food for their race.

For the post ride meal: For discriminating diners, try Letos in Lacombe on Hwy 2A just south of Hwy 12 or the Smugglers Inn in Sylvan Lake. For the non-discriminating eaters, try Tim Horton’s; either town.

Please ride safely at all times. An anonymous race in the middle of nowhere is no reason to get run over, and please thank at least one volunteer during the day. The Alberta race scene is getting smaller every year, so please enjoy the race and think about how you can give back to the sport next year.


  1. Hi
    Looking forward to the race. Thanks for hosting. Could you please post a map of the race or at least the exact road descriptions. This would be a big help as many riders will be in the area saturday and would like to check out the course.

  2. the distance is out and back on rcr, cat 2 do 2 full laps, 3 out and back once and one short lap (turn around at the dump before 766, cat 4 the same, cat 5 one big lap as well as women.

  3. I don't know what "rcr" is. I have mapped out what I think is the race course:

    Can you review it and confirm? If it isn't correct, could you make a new map and post the link here?

  4. Race course can be viewd at:

    RCR means Rainy Creek Road (Google maps names this Randy Creek Road)- Looks like it is also called Township Road 400.

    Here is a more detail discription of where the race is:

    At the junction of hwy 11a and hwy 20, go north approx 4 miles to the Rainy Creek Road. The Race starts at the community hall approx 1 mile west of hwy 20. The race goes out and back to hwy 761 (the leslieville turnoff) and back.
    everyone does it once. cat 3,4 do a shorter second loop to hwy 766 (eckville
    turnoff) and back also.

    Mike Johns

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