Wednesday, 28 November 2007

California Trip

A Message from Martin

Hi Everyone. The Tour of California dates are Feb 17th-24th. We would have to leave on the thursday night the 14th or friday the 15th and return sunday night the 23rd. Minivan cost for 10 days is between 720$ - 780$ incl tax & my guess is we could fit 4 people per van with 4 bikes. Hotels rooms (doubles) generally run around 60$- 70$ except weekends,90$- 100$. I also could look into a house rental for a week. Driving time is about 22 hours to SanFrancisco but the weather down there is fairly seasonable........ So cost would break down like this: Transport $780 split by four $195 hotel $560 7 nights split by two $280 Gas is about $220 each way split by 4 = $55 That rounds up to about $530 per person then figure in your lunch & supper, money for smokes (breakfast is free ) and a little more gas depending on where we go. Let me know if you guys are interested.

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