Thursday, 7 February 2008

CABC Membership information

Here is an explanation of the membership process from the Alberta Bicycle Association:

Here’s how it breaks down:

A) ALL club members must fill out the application and waiver
- Racing members will check off the disciplines they wish to participate in (ex: road, track, cross) and pay the appropriate fee (ex: $125)
- NON Racing members will check off “general membership license” on the application and pay $35.
** EVERYONE will receive a license, whether they are racing or not…as physical proof that the are insured through the ABA**

B) Club president can either collect the applications and waivers and send them in as a package, or have each person be responsible for getting their own application in to the ABA. Either way, the club president either needs to sign their application to verify that they are a member in good standing of the club OR let the ABA know who belongs to the club VIA phone call or email (list of names). **Applications will NOT be processed without this verification**

C) If someone who has applied for a general license decides later on in the season that they would like to race, they would just pay the difference between the $35 and the cost of the racing license.

Unfortunately the process is a little confusing, but hopefully I have explained it in a way that will make sense. In the end, this will make things simpler for both the ABA and the club presidents as it will make registration for following years easier.


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