Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bicycle commuting in Red Deer

A message from John Johnston:

I am looking for help from those of you who sometimes commute by bicycle in Red Deer. I am in the initial stages of creating a group of interested cyclists who will work towards better bicycle commuting in Red Deer. Riding a bicycle on the roads in Red Deer can be frustrating and even dangerous at times. Other cities do a much better job of making life easier and safer for their cyclists. The purpose of the group would be to lobby the city for bicycle lanes, signage such as “Bike Route” and “Share the Road,” and whatever other suggestions there might be for making cycling safer in our fair city. Support can be very minimal; just lending your name can help. On the other hand, there is certainly room for more active participation as well. If you think that you might be interested in supporting our efforts, please drop me an email.

I hope this works,
Thanks, John



  1. Hey, there. I am interesting in supporting a group such as this. Living in Winnipeg, we shared the lanes that were generally reserved for buses. This seemed to worked amicably. I commute in from Innisfail twice a week (i try!) and find that as soon as i get passed 19th street (on 2A/Taylor Dr.) it gets pretty sketchy. Motorists seem uncertain about how to drive next to a cyclist and are not aware of the common rules we follow.

  2. If you are interested in supporting our group, please send me an email at johnjohnston(at) and I will let you know about our plans and how you can help

  3. yes | agree 100%...Kelowna, home to the Subaru Ironman, have road bike areas along every highway and street...Alberta is a very sports orientated province, why no city interest in cycling, they are easy maintenance and would benefit so many of us....I would certainly sign a petition or voice my opinion to the town office.