Sunday, 13 September 2009

From John Johnstone-- "Lanes for Life"

I just want to thank you for your participation in the Lanes for Life Bike Rally yesterday. In my mind, it was a great success with over a hundred riders and we even had one city councillor, Larry Pimm, who joined us on the ride. The Advocate was there to take pictures and I am hoping that we will be front and centre in the paper tomorrow. Even if we are not in the paper, at least we had Mr. Pimm there as our witness.

I do not know if you had the opportunity to speak to the mayor or one of the councillors yesterday, but I spoke to Mayor Morris Flewwelling for a considerable time after the ride. He once again acknowledged how much support we have and how much momentum we have created. Since he has already received my letter of request for bike lanes, I asked what happens next in the political process. He says that he asks administration to look at the letter and come up with a proposal that he can take to City Council. This will take some time because at the moment Council is mired in budget deliberations and will not be looking at anything else until the process is complete. That said, our timing is good because it gives administration time to work on our proposal before reporting to council.

I would like to continue to send you updates on our progress with City Council. However, if you do not wish to be on my email list, simply send me an email and I will remove your name.

Thanks again, and I hope you get in many more rides before the snow falls.


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