Sunday, 11 April 2010

April 21 - 15km TT

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for one or two timers for the April 21 TT. Please send me an email back if you can bring someone with you to the race.
Remember that the first rider is off at 6:30 PM so try to get there early to get a good warm-up.


  1. Hey Ted, I am in Rocky, interested in the tt. Where is it? Is there a cost? Do I need to fill out paperwork before hand? Thanks Graham

  2. Hi Graham. First of all, to be able to participate in CABC races, you must be a member of an affiliated Alberta Bicycling Association club (like the CABC). You must also have the A.B.A. insurance. CABC membership is $30 and the A.B.A. General Membership (with includes the insurance)is $35. The forms are located on the main page of this blog. All forms and money can be brought to the race. The TT will start at Lincoln Hall. The hall is located about 9 KM north of Highway 12 on Lincoln Road just on the east side of Gull Lake. Thanks for your interest and I hope this answers your questions.