Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Look

Hello everyone.  In order to add a few things like the new "club calendar", the old template needed to be updated so they could function.  With new features being available, you will begin to see the blog thicken and become a resource rich place for local cyclists and the membership to frequent.  We also have a twitter feed which can be updated quickly via mobile device.  Please follow us on twitter or visit our website to get current live updates about club happenings.  For example, club rides could get cancelled under certain circumstances or a meeting place may change last minute.  This is highly unlikely but look to the twitter feed for a quick update.

This is all a work in progress so please check back regularly.  Evan is still our webmaster guru super-delux compu-king but I will give him a hand updating the calendar and twitter feed more often.

Thanks everyone!  I look forward to a successful year with the CABC.  We have many new members already signed up and have expanded the weekly rides in order to accommodate a wider variety of cyclists in our region.  If you have any questions about the club, membership, or just riding in general, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or mobile ;)


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