Thursday, 31 May 2012

Special MTB ride June 4th with Ryan Correy!

Meet, Greet, and MTB Ride!

WHO: ALL skill levels and ages welcome! + RYAN CORREY: Adventure Cyclist ;)
WHAT: friendly group ride through red deers river valley, parks, trails, and best urban assault!
WHEN: June 4th 6:00 PM until 8:00PM ??? Depending on group(s) etc
WHY: Why Not!  Support your local cycling scene and Ryan before he heads to Banff to start the Tour Divide on June 8th.
HOW MUCH? FREE!!! and no memberships required

You don't know Ryan Correy?  Well then come meet him yourself ;)  Ryan recently lived right here in Central Alberta and was very active in the cycling community.  He calls himself an "Adventure Cyclist" completing epic rides and races throughout the world including world mtb marathon champs (Italy), RAAM, 25,000 km Pan-Am ride, Trans Rockies solo competitor, and even a 6 day 20hr indoor spinning world record attempt!  

Ryan is also involved in charity work and motivational speaking within his communities.  He turns his "passion of cycling into purpose in life".  Please visit Ryan's website for more information and details about his accomplishments and community involvement.

Ryan currently resides in Ontario but is coming back to Alberta for his next epic ride: Tour Divide!  The Tour Divide is an "underground" self supported race from Banff Alberta - Antelope Wells NM.  The race begins June 8th and is expected to last night and day from anywhere between 17-28 days!!!  Perhaps Ryan can win and break the current record.  Is that his plan?  How did he prepare for the race? What will he bring with him?  These are all questions you can ask him in person on June 4th.  Some of his preparations thus far can be found and followed here :

See you there!


for more info or any questions please email 

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