Friday, 29 June 2012

Wayne and Suzanne, State Side.

Wayne says you may want some pics for the CABC website. Riding in Colorado is great. I don't think we've done a ride where we were BELOW 6000 ft elevation and we've done some up to 12,090 ft so far (Rock Mtn National Park). Maybe going to Leadeville soon to ride up FROM 10,500 ft (the elevation of the town). Yeah for altitude training.

Re- Waldo Canyon fire
We actually saw the fire when it first started about 12:10 noon (Satruday June 23) as we were out mountain-biking at Rampart Reservoir. You could see the first plumes and then we could see it really build ... FAST. We talked to the ranger at the dam there and he was the first person to call it in at about 12:15. When we finished our ride about 2:30 they were already evacuating and shutting down the road into Rampart as we were leaving (we couldn’t go back in). Have some pics which I'll load and send.

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