Friday, 27 July 2012

July 28th Trail Maintenance.

Don't forget July 28th there is a trail work bee at the mountain bike park. 10:00am to 4pm.
Meeting at the bike park entrance near home hardware. 
BBQ and dogs available. 
To be tackled are the following. 

1) Remove the tallest table top (box) as the fall distance is of particular concern.
2) either replace the broken beams on the wall ride or remove the beams at the entrance to ensure users are not using the stunt.
3) either push the site fence with barbed wire southeast side of the park entrance) back to straight vertical or move the boardwalk further away.
4) at the old tie of slope of the free-ride area there is a mess from a broken landing that can be removed.
5) weeds and grass in the stunt area can be removed
Please note that the site is full of utilities and no drilling or excavation should take place without first getting locates.


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