Saturday, 11 August 2012

Trail Day. Aug 18th

Hi Trail Builders!
Well the time has come again to put our backs into the trails.  Come join
our trail crew on Sat Aug 18th From 10am-5pmish.  Come prepared with Gloves,
Eye protection, good boots, and any hand tools that might be useful.  We
will likely ride after the work day.  We will meet at the entrance to the
Jump section of the park.  Tasks to accomplish are still to be decided but
some might be; berm building, teardown/rebuild of the largest tower, create
a beginner jump line, Fence straightening, Single track fine tuning
(possibly creating?) Lots and lots of trimming.  We hope to get the park
into tip top shape, so as to attract more and more riders of all levels to
play at the park.  The more people that can give input the better the park
will be for everyone. I encourage everyone to come out and support the

There are a few things that need to happen before the weekend.  If you or
anyone you know can help out let us know.  
1. Contact with City -(I am on it, but not having much luck, I'll try super
hard this next week)
2. Dirt, We need more dirt hauled in (construction guy connections?)
3. Lumber, Does the club have some resources set aside and how much?
(construction discounts?)
4. Garbage removal - anyone with a dump trailer or such, (I might have a
line on one.)
5. Large Ride on mower, Anyone have access?
6. Skid steer and operator, Might be that same as the dirt guy.
7. People to volunteer for our IMBA Trail day coming in the near future.  

Thanks everyone for all your help, things are looking fantastic in the park!
The path ahead looks promising as well.
See you on the trail.

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