Friday, 12 April 2013

bike lanes and council

Hi all,

City Council will consider two motions (or sets of motions) dealing with the bike lanes pilot project on Monday.

One of them will be Chris Stephan's motion to cancel the project immediately. 

The other motion (or it may come as a set) deals with invitations to tender to repaint street lines, add signs, etc. for existing lanes so the project can continue to its completion in September. Or it may come to adjusting the size of the project itself. There were a number of recommendations for adjustments and improvements for this project from the Steering Committee, but there is no telling which (if any) of them will be accepted until Council actually votes.

I am told this is on the agenda, following the section on public hearings. I understand there are three public hearings, and they should begin at 6 p.m. But you should go to the city web site and look at the agenda yourself. I am using information given me on Thursday. 

If you wish, you are welcome to sit in Council chambers and watch the proceedings. You are also welcome to contact councillors and urge them to see this pilot project through to its conclusion. 

Mostly, only the complainers are getting any attention. RDABC is being branded as a small interest group that is trying to run council. But I believe there are many more people who cycle in Red Deer, or who wish to cycle more, than there are members of Red Deer First or other reactionary groups. We just need to let councillors know we are here. That's your job. If you do not speak up for yourself, there are people who do not wish to see cycling grow as a part of our total view of transportation in the future, and they will have their way, because they are quite willing to speak up.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride, and ride safe.

Greg Neiman, president RDABC

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