Thursday, 5 February 2015

CABC Membership Explained

The 2015 Cycling season is upon us and it is time to either renew your CABC Membership or join for the first time.  I’ll bet many of you are thinking, “Are these people serious?  It is still snowing out!  Can’t I just wait until the spring when the weather improves?  That is what I have always done in the past.”.  Well, our answer to you is yes you can wait, but let us tell you why you might not want to:

1.       Club Clothing – If you have been following the recent Blog posts then you know that we will have brand new Club Clothing for 2015.  One of the benefits of membership with the CABC is having the option to purchase Club Clothing.  If you do not have a membership you cannot purchase it.  The deadline to place an order so that you have it in time for the “Traditional Alberta Riding Season” (Hopefully April depending on production times, no promises on the weather) will be February 18, 2015.  It is anticipated that a re-order may be placed sometime in the summer.  However, if you want to be sporting our stylish new CABC apparel this spring you need to get a CABC Membership first so that we can take place your order.  You can expect a post with sketches of the clothing and details about ordering within the next couple of days.
2.       Group Rides – The CABC is an Alberta Bicycle Association affiliated club.  It is a requirement of the ABA that each affiliated club notify the ABA in advance, of official club events such as Group rides or Club races.  Further to this it is required by the ABA that anybody who participates in a club event: 
a)      Is a member of the club hosting the event.
b)      Has ABA sports insurance coverage. 
The ABA’s calendar year runs from January 1st to December 31st.  Therefore, the season has already begun and if you wish to ride with the CABC on one of the current Group rides you need to renew your CABC Membership and ABA insurance in advance.  That being said, if you are new to the club and want to come and check out our rides for the first time, you do not need to be a member or have insurance coverage.  You are welcome to go for a couple of trial group rides with us to help you to decide if you would like to become a member.  If after a couple of rides you are interested in continuing it is time to get that membership.  On a related topic, for those who are already Primary members of another ABA affiliated club the ABA states, "If you are joining another club's activities (rides, clinics or mid-week racing) you still must register as a member of the hosting club, however you will only have to pay ABA fees once.".  Those who are Primary members of another club and then join the CABC are consider Secondary members.  In order to keep everything fair between Primary and Secondary CABC members the same CABC membership fee will apply.

Hopefully you are now thinking about getting your CABC membership sooner rather than later.  So, let us make this process as simple as possible.  Here is what you need to do to become a member:

1.       Purchase a CABC Membership ($50.00).  To do this you will:
a.       Click on the “Links and Membership” tab above.
b.      Click on the “Club Membership Using Zone 4” link.
c.       Click on the “Continue” button
d.      Click on the “Add First Person” button
e.      Make your selections from the membership types that apply to you and complete your payment
f.        Note:  For a General Member it will be $50.00 and for Under 17 it is free.  For all ages you have the option of adding the Tuesday Night Road Race. 
g.       Now you are a CABC member!  But wait!!  You are not finished!
2.       Purchase your General ABA Membership ($40.00) or a Racing licence ($30 - $135 depending on age and type of licence) from the Alberta Bicycle Association.  Both will provide you with the insurance that is mandatory for participating in ABA Club Affiliated events.   Now ask yourself, "Do I plan on Racing in Provincial ABA cup races or in UCI sanctioned events?".  If yes, get one of the race licenses.  For a more detailed explanation of the different race license options check this link out: If the answer is "No, I only intend to ride with the club on group rides and/or participate in local club racing events (Tuesday Night Road Races)", purchase the General ABA Membership (non-racing).  Either way here are the steps you will need to follow:

a.       Click on the following link or select it from the “Club Membership Using Zone 4” page:
b.      Login to access your profile.
c.       Select your name.
d.      Complete the ABA Membership form and complete your payment.

Congratulations you are now officially a CABC member with ABA insurance!  Now let’s get riding!


The CABC Executive

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