Saturday, 28 March 2015

2015 Trips/Events/Group Rides - Calendar Planning

Hello current and prospective CABC members. Your Executive has done lots of work in the past four months to secure sponsorship support, grow membership (42 and climbing!), advertise for the club, develop and order new club clothing, and to build a formal relationship with the City to allow for legal, sustainable mountain bike trail development and maintenance. Now it is time to get working on the fun stuff… riding bikes, working on MTB trails, racing and going on fun trips!
So we are turning our attention to building a 2015 CABC Trips/Events/Group Rides Calendar and we need your help to plan the season and make it happen! I would like to get people to respond with ideas about what type of Trips/Events/Group Rides they are interested in doing this year.
Trips: Let's hear some ideas. For example if you want to do a weekend trip as a club to ride the Highwood Pass let us know. Or if you think it would be cool to head down to Canmore or Fernie for a day or two of mountain biking tell us. Specifically, tell us about the type of trip, when it would happen and if you would be interested in organizing or leading it.
Events: We need volunteers! We would like to do a start of season ride and barbecue in early May. Let me know if you are interested in helping with this. On June 21st we have a great opportunity to raise the profile of our club in our community by getting out in our new CABC clothing to support the Woody's Kids of Steel Triathlon as on-course support for the bike component of the race. Again, the Executive cannot do this alone, we need volunteers. This is a great opportunity to attract youth to our club while having fun supporting the anticipated 600 young athletes, all of whom obviously have and ride bike! We are also seriously considering hosting our own ABA affiliated Trailblazer's youth mountain bike race/event ( Are people interested in supporting these events? Do you have other suggestions?
Group Rides: We already have a few great group rides but would like to see this expand. Options are good! Road rides, mountain bike rides, fat bike rides, or cyclocross rides. Rides on different days of the week and/or rides at different times of the day. If you are motivated to step up and lead a consistent group ride please let us know. You do not have to be the most experienced, fittest or have the most expensive bike to qualify as a group leader. What you do need is to: 1) Make an individual or shared commitment to lead a group of fellow CABC riders at a consistent time 2) Have good communication skills. 3) Have a desire to promote a friendly, fun riding environment for people who attend the ride. If you meet these requirements the Executive would be happy to support you in making this happen. Again, let us know.
So here is the deal. You can respond on Facebook within the post titled 2015 Trips/Events/Group Rides or by directly messaging me. You can also email me at As I have said, we need your help. Let's put a great Events/Trips/Group Rides Calendar together and come together to make 2015 a great season of riding!
Jeff Wright
CABC President


  1. Nice plan. Love to join with other bikers.

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