To encourage our Junior riders to race in their chosen discipline, the CABC has set aside an initial allocation of $2000 for a 2016 Junior Race Fee Reimbursement Fund. To be eligible to apply for race fee reimbursement juniors must: 

1). Be CABC members 
2). have an ABA racing license 
3). compete as CABC club members wearing the club kit. 
4). Submit a list of race fees and receipts by November 7th, 2016 to Peter Lawson ( Vice President ) 

The CABC also requests that photos be submitted so they can be published on our social media. Once all requests for reimbursement are submitted, the CABC executive will endeavour to distribute funds in a fair manner. Depending on the demand, it may not be possible to fully reimburse all race fees but funds will be distributed proportionally so that all members receive some reimbursement.

Should you have any questions regarding this fund, please contact Peter Lawson, VP

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