Benefits of Membership with the CABC - Why Join? 
  • The CABC offers year round cycling opportunities.  Depending on the season and the conditions we ride Mountain, Road, Cyclocross and Fat Bikes.
  • Weekly group rides for Road, Mountain biking, Fat Biking and Cyclocross depending on the season.
  • Spring and Summer Tuesday night Road Race Series.
  • Discounts at specific local retailers.  See Sponsors page for a list of CABC supporters. 
  • The exclusive option to purchase club clothing at great prices.
  • 100% Subsidization of Membership fees for under 17
  • 100% subsidization of ABA racing insurance ($35 for each member with a race license)
  • A Facebook Group Page for people to meet others who have similar cycling interests, organize rides, and inform each other about trail conditions.
  • Race hosting – The CABC hosts an annual ABA Cyclocross race each fall.
  • The opportunity to improve your fitness and riding skills, while making lasting friendships with other people who love the sport of cycling.
  • Access to CABC exclusive cycling clinics and workshops.

How to Join the CABC - 2018

Interested in becoming a CABC Member?  Our membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st each year.  Current membership with the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) and the CABC are mandatory for those wishing to participate in club group rides.  The only exception is for cyclists who are new to the CABC and who would like to attend a few group rides to help them decide if they are interested in joining us.

If you want to join the CABC for 2018 follow these two steps:

Step One:       Purchase either a General ABA Membership or a Race License from the Alberta Bicycle Association (Note:  This is not your club membership.  You need either a General ABA Membership or a Race License so that you have insurance coverage to ride with the CABC.  This is required by all ABA Affiliated Clubs.)

        Option 1:  If you intend to race in Provincial ABA cup races or in UCI sanctioned events purchase one of the  race licenses.  The cost will range from $50 to $135 depending on which licence you choose.  If you are unsure which race license is right for you see the detailed explanation of the different race license here: 

Option 2:  If you intend to ride with the CABC on group rides and participate in the Club's Tuesday Night Road Races series, but not in any Provincial or UCI events, purchase the General ABA Membership (non-racing).  The cost will be $40.00 for an Adult General Membership or $30.00 for a U17 General (non-BMX) Membership.

Option 3:  If you want to join the CABC but do not intend to participate in any group rides or races you do not need to purchase a race license or a General ABA Membership.  This applies to those who only want to work with the club to build and maintain the mountain bike trail system in Red Deer.

For those choosing Options 1 or 2 follow these steps:

a.       Click on the following link:   ABA Membership/Race Licence
b.      Create a new profile or login to access your profile.
c.       Select your name.
d.      Complete the ABA Membership form and complete your payment.

Step Two:   Purchase a CABC Membership ($40.00 for adults and Free for those age 17 and under as of 
January 1, 2017).  To do this follow these steps:
a.       Click on the “Club Membership Using Zone 4” link here:  Zone 4 - CABC
c.       Click on the “Continue” button
d.      Click on the “Add First Person” button
e.      Make your selections from the membership types that apply to you and complete your payment.  Note:  For a General Member the cost is $40.00 and for Under 17 it is free.  For all ages you have the option of adding the Tuesday Night Road Race for an additional $25.00. 
f.       Now you are a CABC member!  Let's get out there and enjoy our sport!


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